viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

School Shooting
who? The 17-year-old ex-students.
when? March 11, 2009.
where? Stuttgart, Germany.
what? An ex student killed teachers and students at a Germany highschool.
why? Because he was expelled from the school.

who? Matti Juhani Saari
when? September 23, 2008
what? Matti Juhani liled 16 people at a school.
why? they don´t hnow the reason.

who? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.
when? April 20, 1999.
where? Colorado Highschool.
what? He killed 12 students.
why? unkonwn reason.

who? Seung-Hui Cho.
when? April 16, 2007.
where? Virginia Tech.
what?He killed 32 people.
why? unknown reason.

who? Masked and dressed in black.
when? April 26 2002.
where? Germany.
what? He killed 18 people.
why? unkonwn reason.

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

News- Will Russia accept US defence deal?

Who: Russia and U.S.A.
When: Yesterday
Where: United States Of America
What: US President Barack Obama has reportedly made a potentially significant offer to Russia about defence - but will it change anything? US President Barack Obama has reportedly made a potentially significant offer to Russia about defence - but will it change anything?

Why: Because they want to stop Iran from making more missiles.


1. Country name: Myanmar
2. Conflict:
Southeast Asian leaders vowed Sunday to push ahead with ambitious plans to become a European Union-style economic community by 2015 despite roadblocks posed by the global financial crisis and Myanmar's dismal human rights record.
3. Copy the headlines and the link to a news item reporting on that conflict.
ASEAN vows EU-like bloc by 2015, frets on Myanmar

4. Summarize the news item in your own words in 5 - 8 sentences. (identify the main ideas)
The 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations concluded its 14th annual summit. They talk about how they would recue their countries by an anticrisis plan.
the want to build their own market. They want export only so they can gain more money for their own countries. "All of us are of one mind that we are anti-protectionism," Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told reporters.
5. Describe the conflict.
The conlflict is that the 14th most southeast Asian nations want to make a anticrisis plan so they can develop their econmy in the future.

6. Based on your research - geography and timeline, explain why the conflict happened. Which ones are the roots of the conflict?
The roots are the financial crisis.

7. Answer:
a) Who is involved in the conflict?
Most of the Asians nations.

b) Where is it happening?
At Asia.

c) When did it happen and how long has it been going on?
It happen yesterday and it would last until the crisis ends.

lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Name: Metri Gibran
Age: 13
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Ethnic Group: Pashtun
How often do you go to a religuous service? Where? Waht happens there?
I go to a religious service every Friday which is the sacred day and we call it Jumu'ah. We go to the mosque just after noon and it begins with the call to prayer the muezin makes; then the adhan, which marks the beginning of jumu'ah. Once the khaṭīb has given his speech, he concludes with a du'a, which then leads the muadhin to make the iqama which is followed by the two rak'at prayer.
Do you know anyone of a different religion? How do you get along?
Yes I know some people from different religions. In the area where I live, most of the population is muslim but I rarely find a buddhist or a hindu sometimes. When I someone of another religion, I just keep doing what I am doing. It is like seeing any muslim pass by.
Do boys and girls hang out socially? Do you go to parties?
All our celebrations are in families. We go to weddings that can last over three days, but I don not go to parties with friens because my religion prohibbits that.
How many people live in your house? How do you interact?
5 people live in my house. my parents, my sister and my brother. We interact a lot, as in our religion and traditions family is basic for education.
Who goes to school in your family?
In my family my brother and I go to school. My sister doesn´t go, but many girls do.
How do you dress?
I dress with clothes that cover from my knee to my navel, if I don't it is against my religion.
Which ones are your daily chores?
My daily chores are to go to school, go to my home and be with my family, because of my ethnic group. I also have to say the daily prayers to Allah.
What does it mean to be belong to your ethnic group?
To be a Pashtun doesn't mean just to live in a place with people like us, besides following the rules of our religion we are also born with the Pashtunwali code in our education. It is a code of hospitality and freedom of our ethnic group, to be part of us you need to be like the code.
Where are your relatives from?
My relatives are from Pakistan and some from Afghanistan. We are all Pashtuns and we get to see each other once in a while.
Do you hang out with people of other ethnicities? How do you get along?
I don´t hang out with people of other ethnicities, as here in my village only Pashtun people live. I do not know a lot of people from other ethnicities, but we get along well if they treat us well and are our friends.
Do you have to marry someone of your same ethnicity?
I do not have to marry someone of my ethnicity, but I am almost sure that I will.
Describe a typical tradition.
The most important date for us the Pashtun people is the Ramadan, which is a Muslim festivity, and because the great majority of us are Muslim we celebrate that and is the most important date in which families get together.
Which is its location? What countries does it border with?Pakistan is located in Eastern Asia. It borders India, China, Afghanistan, and Iran.

What does the geography say about the country?
To the North there are the Himalayas and to the south there is a dessert. The climate varies from cold winters and hot summers to the North, and mild climate to the South.
What is the dominant religion? Which other exist?The major religion is Islamism while there is also Hinduism, Christianity, Parsi, Buddhist, and others.

What are the different ethnic groups?
Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun, Baloch, MuhajirWhich ones are the main customs and traditions?Pakistan has a rich cultural and ethnic background going back to the Indus Valley Civilization. There are differences in culture among the different ethnic groups in matters such as dress, food, and religion, especially where Pre Islamic customs differ from Islamic practices. However, over 60 years of integration, a distinctive "Pakistani" culture has sprung up especially in the urban areas. Education is highly regarded by members of every socio-economic stratum. The traditional family values are highly respected and considered sacred.

How is this his life different from yours?
The greatest difference is the religion. The problem comes when he is living in a society in which he is the only one, while in my society everyone is like me or almost like me.He has rules to follow as well as I do, He goes to school as well as I do, etc.

Which custom caught your attention?
He can´t eat Starbursts.

How does his religion affect his way of acting?
He has to stop doing many things to follow the rules stated by the Koran, which is the book of the Islamic religion. He cannot eat pork nor things that contain enzymes that come from pork, he cannot drink alcohol, he cannot do a lot of stuff involving girls; so he acts according to it.

partial 2

1. Who is Robert Mugabe? How long has he been in power? How popular is he?
zimbabwe president.
2. Who is Morgan Tsvangirai? Whicgh is/ has been his political role?
the prime minister.
3. What happened during last year's elections? Which was the outcome?
The president find a way to how torture people for voting fo him and it was by some mails.
4. Whis is the economic situation in Zimbabwe? How do the people feel about this?
They do not have any money and their spemdidng just in a party more than 250,000 dollars, when they are lots if people in the hospital by the cholera outbreak, and they need 30,000 dollars so they can continue their fight to end the cholera outbreak. and people don't fell good.
5. What do you think about the celebrations and the lavish party?
I think is bad because so much people dying of cholera and the person who need to take care for his people does not do that and instaed of giving more money to the hospitals he soend it on this such stupid party that no one cares of it.

Based only on the article below, define a conflict.

a) Give the conflict a name and explain why you think it is a conflict.
The name i'm giving to the conflict is "Big money, little use" and I put that name because of the money waste in a party instaed o using it for food , medicines or just stuff people need to live.
b) Who is involved and why?
Everybody is involved because everybody needs somenthing and I think the people have the fault because insteading of recolecting money for a good use they spend it in a party.

c) Explain in detail why the conflict has happened.
As I said the conlfict is the waste of money in things that people do not care and need.

d) Give a timeline of events (at least 5) related to the conflict.
1.-Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was celebrating his 85th birthday with a lavish all-day party Saturday despite the fact that the country is gripped by an economic and health crisis
2.-Mugabe's ZANU-PF party said it raised at least $250,000 to hold the party in Mugabe's hometown of Chinhoyi, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) outside of the capital, Harare.
3.- Mugabe's birthday falls on February 21 but his party loyalists postponed the celebrations as they were raising money for the event.
4.-Mugabe's birthday falls on February 21 but his party loyalists postponed the celebrations as they were raising money for the event.
5.-The cholera outbreak.

e) How do you think this conflict
can be solved and why?
I think that the conflict can be solved only and simply working with each other and more resposabilities by the preident he gotta take care more of he's people than he material life.