jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

a) To which "old he New Meaning of an Old Battle
battle" does the article's headline reffer?
It reffers to the battle that Israel has been having with Palestine since it was created.
b) What seem to be the hopes underlying Israel's assault on Gaza?
Delegitimize the Hamas’s leadership in the eyes of the Palestinian people and eliminate its power to prevent a two-state solution.
c) How would a clear Israeli victory affect the region?
It would make it easier for countries near Israel to declare common cause against Islamic militancy and its main sponsor in the region, Iran.
d) How would a clear Israeli victory affect the United States?
An international peacekeeping force could clear the way for a restoration of political control in Gaza.
e) Why does Iran have much at stake in the outcome of the current crisis?
Because it sponsors Hamas and Hezbollah to spread its influence in the Arab world. A defeat of Hamas would undercut that strategy.
f) How likely is it that the Israeli assault will be successful?
Israel’s attacks also could fail outright, and history suggests that as the more likely scenario, Middle East experts across the political spectrum said.
g)What are some of the divisions in the Middle East that this conflict has highlighted?
Egypt, whose peace treaty with Israel is anathema to militants in the Middle East, kept its border to Gaza largely shut last week, and its president, Hosni Mubarak, quarreled openly with the leader of Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed militant Shiite group that now shares power in Lebanon. And at a meeting of the Arab League, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister gently and indirectly rebuked Hamas for provoking the conflict.
h) What happened in Lebanon in 1982? How are the Gaza attacks similar?
While Israel was worrying about the negotiation with Yassir Arafat, Hezbollah was rising in Lebanon.
i) In what ways might the attacks on Gaza backfire?
History suggests that Israel has a lot of probabilities to fail just as it did in lebanon on 1982.
j) Why does Mr. Abbas say he will walk away from the peace talks begun by President Bush in 2007?
Because fighting was emboldening palestinian resistance.
k) What lessons has Israel learned from Lebanon?
Israel has learned to lower expectations and this time Israel is more prepared.
m) In what way is the timing of this renewed battle beneficial?
It came before president elect Obama went into power.
n) How will the Obama administration be able to capitalize on the situation in Gaza?
All the violent reactions and hate will be sent to the past administration and no to Obama's.

What is going on in the photograph?
the tank is attacking somewhere in Gaza.
-Who is pictured?
the tank.
-What can you learn about how the main subject in the photo is feeling from his or her facial expression?
maybe he's angry and yelling when he shots the bomb.
What might this person be feeling, given what is going on in the photograph?
as I've said maybe he's angry and secreaming.
What might this person want to say to the "opposite side"?
to give up or die.

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