jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

The war between Gaza and Israel.

Where is Israel? Is located in the Middle East. It borders Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. It is beside the Mediterranean Sea.

Why was Isrrael created?
It was established in 1948 after nearly two thousand years of Jewish dispersal, and 55 years of Zionist agitation. The United Nations Assembly voted in favor of a Partition Plan that created the State of Israel, and established there the Jews. So that's the reason o f it creation.

Where are Palestinian Territories? Locate on a map.They are composed of 2 parts, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. They are located in the Middle East. Gaza Strip borders the Mediterranean Sea and Egypt. West Bank is between Jordan and Israel.

What is happening in Israel and Gaza?Israel attacked Hamas targets in Gaza in response to repeated rocket fire on southern Israel.

How many Palestinians have died and how many Israelis?900 Palestinians have died and 13 Israelis. Out of those 13, 10 have been soldiers, and that's was on monday.

What is Hamas?Hamas is a parliamentary organization and political party which holds a majority of seats in the elective legislative council of the Palestinian National Authority. It is considered a terrorist organization by the United States. Hamas had said it considers it a religious duty to eliminate Israel.

What was the U.S. response to the attacks?They blamed Hamas for all the violence.

What happened when Israel was declared a state in 1948?It was invaded by armies of Arab states.

What did Israel agree to in the Oslo accords?Israel committed to withdrawing from parts of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and agreed that a
Palestinian Authority would be set up.
How did Hamas come to power in Gaza?In 2006, Hamas took a majority in the Palestinian Legislative Council.

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