martes, 3 de marzo de 2009


1. Country name: Myanmar
2. Conflict:
Southeast Asian leaders vowed Sunday to push ahead with ambitious plans to become a European Union-style economic community by 2015 despite roadblocks posed by the global financial crisis and Myanmar's dismal human rights record.
3. Copy the headlines and the link to a news item reporting on that conflict.
ASEAN vows EU-like bloc by 2015, frets on Myanmar

4. Summarize the news item in your own words in 5 - 8 sentences. (identify the main ideas)
The 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations concluded its 14th annual summit. They talk about how they would recue their countries by an anticrisis plan.
the want to build their own market. They want export only so they can gain more money for their own countries. "All of us are of one mind that we are anti-protectionism," Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told reporters.
5. Describe the conflict.
The conlflict is that the 14th most southeast Asian nations want to make a anticrisis plan so they can develop their econmy in the future.

6. Based on your research - geography and timeline, explain why the conflict happened. Which ones are the roots of the conflict?
The roots are the financial crisis.

7. Answer:
a) Who is involved in the conflict?
Most of the Asians nations.

b) Where is it happening?
At Asia.

c) When did it happen and how long has it been going on?
It happen yesterday and it would last until the crisis ends.

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