lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

partial 2

1. Who is Robert Mugabe? How long has he been in power? How popular is he?
zimbabwe president.
2. Who is Morgan Tsvangirai? Whicgh is/ has been his political role?
the prime minister.
3. What happened during last year's elections? Which was the outcome?
The president find a way to how torture people for voting fo him and it was by some mails.
4. Whis is the economic situation in Zimbabwe? How do the people feel about this?
They do not have any money and their spemdidng just in a party more than 250,000 dollars, when they are lots if people in the hospital by the cholera outbreak, and they need 30,000 dollars so they can continue their fight to end the cholera outbreak. and people don't fell good.
5. What do you think about the celebrations and the lavish party?
I think is bad because so much people dying of cholera and the person who need to take care for his people does not do that and instaed of giving more money to the hospitals he soend it on this such stupid party that no one cares of it.

Based only on the article below, define a conflict.

a) Give the conflict a name and explain why you think it is a conflict.
The name i'm giving to the conflict is "Big money, little use" and I put that name because of the money waste in a party instaed o using it for food , medicines or just stuff people need to live.
b) Who is involved and why?
Everybody is involved because everybody needs somenthing and I think the people have the fault because insteading of recolecting money for a good use they spend it in a party.

c) Explain in detail why the conflict has happened.
As I said the conlfict is the waste of money in things that people do not care and need.

d) Give a timeline of events (at least 5) related to the conflict.
1.-Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was celebrating his 85th birthday with a lavish all-day party Saturday despite the fact that the country is gripped by an economic and health crisis
2.-Mugabe's ZANU-PF party said it raised at least $250,000 to hold the party in Mugabe's hometown of Chinhoyi, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) outside of the capital, Harare.
3.- Mugabe's birthday falls on February 21 but his party loyalists postponed the celebrations as they were raising money for the event.
4.-Mugabe's birthday falls on February 21 but his party loyalists postponed the celebrations as they were raising money for the event.
5.-The cholera outbreak.

e) How do you think this conflict
can be solved and why?
I think that the conflict can be solved only and simply working with each other and more resposabilities by the preident he gotta take care more of he's people than he material life.

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