viernes, 22 de mayo de 2009

1. What is the most predictable thing about influenza?
The nature of the viruses that cause it.

2. How many people have died in Mexico? (based on the article as well as on latest news)There have been 66 confirmed deaths and more that a thousand cases.

3. Name 3 countries where swine flu has been confirmed in the last three days.India, Malaysia, and Turkey.

4. What are the symptoms of the swine flu?
Fever, cough, sore throat, and nausea and can range from mild to deadly.

5. When was the outbreak of the Spanish flu?In 1918, after the World War l.

6. What percentage of the world population died of influenza then?
It killed 50 million people.

7. Why was there an emergency vaccination program in 1976?Because there was one death and an emergency prevention program vaccinated 40 million people.

8. Name a few actions the Mexican government has done to curb the spread of swine flu:
Schools were closed for a short time, and opened again the 6th of May. Many public places like the movies, and restaurants, where closed indefinitely. Currently, restaurants rae opened with the condition that they'll have to take extreme precautions to conserve hygiene for clients. Churches, theaters, clubs, and bars were also closed temporarily.

9. What were the consequences for Mexico and Mexicans due to the actions taken by the government?
Our tourist economy has suffered the consequences. Especially restaurants, cinemas, clubs, bars, etc.

10. What industries were particularly hard hit?
All the public and touristic places, like hotels, restaurants, museums, fairs, cinemas, etc, because people don't attend and they're suffering an economical crisis.

1. Mexico has shut down schools and other public spaces; do you think that was the correct thing to do? Why or why not?
yes, because if they wouldn't maybe by this time we'll be dying.

2. More people die from the regular flu then from swine flu, why do you think this became a big news story?
I really do not have an idea.

3. Why did people stop visiting Mexico? Why have Mexicans been discriminated? Do you think the fear of the disease is justified?
Because they were afraid of getting infected and also we have been descriminated because people was afraid of getting infected, and I think the fear is justified because you prevent.

4. What questions about individual and human rights does preventing the spread of flu raise?
The same question they have making us since that are:
do you head hurts?
feber,cold? etc.

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